2015 Seasonal Menu Coming Soon!

Food Menu

At Harmony Mexican Restaurant we work with local produce and traditional Mexican recipes, but every dish comes served with a touch of inspiration from our chefs. We cook fresh, healthy, rustic food in generous portions that will entice and excite your senses. From old school Mexflavours to zesty, spice inspired dishes cooked by our International young gun chefs; we have something to offer every palate and preference.

Our mouth-watering salsas are made daily and we take our sweet time to braise our select cuts of beef, lamb and pork. We recommend that you share as many dishes as possible with friends, old and new, to truly experience the depth of delicious flavours in our food and to fully enjoy and embrace the Harmony experience.

As well as our extensive Dinner Menu, Harmony Mexican Restaurant also has a Bar Menu full of deliciously naughty tasting snacks, perfect if you are wanting to hangout on our beanbags overlooking the ocean, lounging in our hammocks or playing bocce.


DrinksĀ Menu

Our friendly Harmony crew will guide you and can recommend from our fully stocked bar, drinks or cocktails that will complement your meal AND your mood.

At Harmony, the beer is cold, the sangria flows and our cocktails are made from fruit, herbs and quality liquor.
Your search for the best pre-night drinks with live music in Ios ends with us.

Welcome to Harmony, Welcome Home.