Monthly Archives: September 2016

Casey Etto and the Rachel Snow

Amazing performance at Harmony tonight. The musical master Casey Etto on the strum and the lovely Rachel Snow on the strings

Tay Plain

Tay Plain Music setting the evening vibes for tonights Harmony goers

Wonderful Jennifer Lyons

The wonderful Jennifer Lyons will be gracing our ears so get down for a Mexican feed and an Irish serenade!

Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons winning the hearts of Bodi Scott and Tim at Harmony.


The boys from Seaforth have taken Ios by storm, they came for a special guest set at Harmony tonight and they’ll be tearing it up at Circus Bar Ios tonight

Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan the Vocal Acrobat showing us why the Seaforth lads are blowing up.

Tom Jordan and Pete Byrne

Tom Jordan and Pete Byrne creating vibes up on the Harmony stage.

David Lazarus

David Lazarus couldn’t stay away from the rock, he’s back in Ios and straight on the stage. Come down and see him from 7.30pm at Harmony