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5 reasons why we eat Acai

We love Acai, if you couldn’t already tell… In fact, we’re the only place you can get it in Ios! And we seriously can’t get enough of the stuff. Why? Because it tastes so freakin good, but not only that, it’s bursting with nutrients and antioxidants that you definitely need after a few nights out in Ios. We know a lot of people have never heard of Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) so we made a list of the top five reasons […]

Our top 4 Beaches in Ios

Beaches Ios | Ios Greece There’s over 35 to choose from… When it comes to beaches in Ios, we’re spoilt for choice. We’ve got over 35 gorgeous beaches, and even more hidden coves and bays. You can guess that each of these beaches, tucked away in the Cyclades Archipelago, are finished with golden sand and sparkling blue water. In Fact, our beaches are famous and you may have already spotted them in a few film productions including ‘The Big Blue’ and ‘Ginger and […]

Irish Day… from the Irish!

Irish Day | Ios, Greece Us islanders love to party, that’s no secret. No matter what day of the week, you can be promised a wild night bar crawling through Chora’s windy streets. The Ios calendar for those of us immersed in this crazy lifestyle is benchmarked by the important and ever so frequent dates that give us even more reason to party. What day is it you ask? I’m not sure, but in 2 days it’s the Bocce tournament and […]

Bocce Tournament

It’s Botch O’ clock, and it happens once a month…  Three times each summer Harmony hosts it’s tri-annual Bocce Tournament, drawing a crowd of both locals and holiday go-ers, each vying for a chance to win the grand prize. Will the defending champs from last year hold the throne or will the Bocce Kings title be claimed by 2 new challengers? The details:  4.30pm signup time for a 5pm start €5 per person, teams of two with the winners taking all […]

Casey Etto and the Rachel Snow

Amazing performance at Harmony tonight. The musical master Casey Etto on the strum and the lovely Rachel Snow on the strings

Tay Plain

Tay Plain Music setting the evening vibes for tonights Harmony goers

Wonderful Jennifer Lyons

The wonderful Jennifer Lyons will be gracing our ears so get down for a Mexican feed and an Irish serenade!

Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons winning the hearts of Bodi Scott and Tim at Harmony.


The boys from Seaforth have taken Ios by storm, they came for a special guest set at Harmony tonight and they’ll be tearing it up at Circus Bar Ios tonight

Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan the Vocal Acrobat showing us why the Seaforth lads are blowing up.