**Harmony’s Bottomless Brunch Extravaganza**

Get ready for a daily brunch fiesta at Harmony, excluding Mondays, from 1 pm to 3 pm! Gather your crew for a legendary feast priced at just 50€ per person.

**Margaritas that Pack a Punch:**
Kick off the fiesta with our renowned spicy margaritas – a true party in your mouth! These bold concoctions redefine the excitement of brunch and are not for the faint-hearted.

**Chill out with Frozen Margaritas:**
If the spicy margaritas weren’t enough, we’ve got frozen margaritas for you. Each sip is like a delightful brain freeze combined with a tropical vacation, a perfect cool-down in the midst of summer.

**Sangria Worth Singing About:**
Savor our sangria, the nectar of the party gods! With each sip, let your worries drift away as you find yourself humming along, perhaps even dancing on tables and serenading the tacos.

**Taco Mania:**
Embark on a journey through our star tacos – from the loaded carnita pork, ginger battered fish, orange lime chicken and pineapple sesame tofu Tacos delights. At Harmony, there’s a taco for every mood, creating a fiesta in your mouth that’s truly exceptional!

**Nacho Average Appetizer:**
Our nachos transcend the ordinary! With varieties like Chili, Chicken, and Beans, be sure to claim your plate before engaging in the ‘nacho wars’ with friends. These are no average appetizers.

Amigos, join us for an unforgettable experience of food, drinks, and Instagram-worthy shenanigans at Harmony’s Bottomless Brunch. Don’t miss the next legendary fiesta – book in advance through our website and secure your spot at Harmony’s Bottomless Brunch Extravaganza! 🌮🍹 #HarmonyFiestaBrunch