5 Instagrammable Spots on Ios Island

harmony swing insta

Imagine a feed on which the main protagonist color is blue and the backdrop is always beautiful Crystal clear blue waters. Mylopotas bay is such a popular and busy beach, it can be hard to secure a good picture especially during peak season. So, I have collected 5 less known but super Instagrammable spots that will make all your friends and followers want to block you when you post all these stunning holiday pictures. But hey, you didn’t make it all over to Ios to miss out on these locations.

1. Harmony Cliff

The legendary cliff that leads to the Floatopia spot is a MUST. You can find it walking past Harmony and you can either decide to climb down and enjoy it’s crystal clear waters or just enjoy the sunset views and Mylopotas bay. If you’re lucky enough and the timing is right you might visit the island when our tri-annual event Floatopia is going on and take a playful snap with the floaties around.

2. Harmony Rocks

Before the walk up to the Harmony cliff, walking past the beanbags and the deck at Harmony on your left, there is a sign and some steps that lead down to the Harmony Rocks. You can either just lay down on the white rocks, read a book and soak up the sunshine or dive!

3. Flat Rock

The journey to get here is a bit tricky, so pack your waterproof camera and be ready to capture this cause you don’t want to miss out! It’s a spot that is less known to tourists and mostly visited by locals and island staff. Make it a priority if you want to have an adventure day because this white big flat rock is only accessible by foot.

4. Harmony Swing

If the kid in you still gets excited with swings by the sea, welcome to the club. The Harmony swing can fit you and bestie/you and your boo/ you and your child/ just you. It’s just such a fun touch to a rather calming surrounding.

harmony swing insta

5. Tripiti Deck

The final spot is easiest accessible by a boat. So, if one day you feel like renting a boat and cruising around the Ios beaches, you will definitely make a stop at Tripiti beach. It’s surrounded by great natural beauty, it’s not frequented by other people and it’s remote location makes it unique.

If you make it to any of these spots, don’t forget to tag @harmonyios, because we would love to see your creative outlook 😀