Ios Travel Guide: How to Find Flat Rock

1. Drive or walk at the end of Mylopotas road, until you arrive at the end of the road. You will see this dirt path leading up the mountain.

2.To your right, you will see a sign post. This is the start of the climbing point.

3.Continue climbing up by looking the RED PAINT DOT on the rocks.

4.Mid way through, you should start having sea views. When you make it on the top and the rest of the trail looks like a descent, STOP following the red dots on the rocks.There are various paths leading to different ways.

5.Climb over some rock walls to get to the tree staight ahead. The lonesome tree is the best landmark I can give you.

6.Pass by the tree.

7.Begin your descent and follow the path that looks like it’s been crossed before by people.Keep an eye for a big flat piece of rock!

Check our Tiktok Video for step by step directions