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  **Floatopia 2024 Adventure: Dive into Ios’ Turquoise Waters** **Unveiling the Experience** Embark on an extraordinary summer at Floatopia 2024 Adventure, nestled in the turquoise waters of Ios, Greece. Hosted at the idyllic Harmony Restaurant & Bar, this ultimate summer party promises to redefine your seasonal festivities. Save these dates: 13 June, 18 July, 8 August, and 12 September 2024. **Exciting Beginnings: The Thrill Unfolds** To kick off the excitement, witness a free admission floating extravaganza. Ios, bathed in the […]

Ios Travel Guide: How to Find Flat Rock

1. Drive or walk at the end of Mylopotas road, until you arrive at the end of the road. You will see this dirt path leading up the mountain. 2.To your right, you will see a sign post. This is the start of the climbing point. 3.Continue climbing up by looking the RED PAINT DOT on the rocks. 4.Mid way through, you should start having sea views. When you make it on the top and the rest of the trail […]

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5 Instagrammable Spots on Ios Island

Imagine a feed on which the main protagonist color is blue and the backdrop is always beautiful Crystal clear blue waters. Mylopotas bay is such a popular and busy beach, it can be hard to secure a good picture especially during peak season. So, I have collected 5 less known but super Instagrammable spots that will make all your friends and followers want to block you when you post all these stunning holiday pictures. But hey, you didn’t make it […]

Mondays off with the Harmony Crew

Sunday Scaries? The Harmony crew doesn’t suffer from those. We’re changing the narrative and making Mondays cool again. Instead of dreading them, we’re looking forward to them. Because the whole team has every Monday off, we can all adventure together. So here is a little taste of what we’ve been up to. QUAD DRIVING, CHEESE TASTING & PSATHI BEACH Trust me, Ios is soooo much more than just nights out and beach parties. Don’t get me wrong, they are super […]

Interactive Art with Leanne Prussing

Leanne Prussing is a fine artist from Australia, now sailing around the world with her husband, Greg. After anchoring their boat on Mylopotas beach, the opportunity to bring the walls of Harmony to life with her art presented itself as if by fate. ‘It has now been a year and a half since my husband and I sold up everything to sail off into the sunset. This led me to often wonder how I would continue practising my passion of […]

Eating Vegan on Ios Island

We understand that veganism and travelling can sometimes be a difficult combination, so here at Harmony we are happy to help! From yummy acai bowls, to health kick smoothies, cruelty free cocktails and a range of delicious options to fill you up for breakfast, lunch and dinner – you’ll be spoilt for choice! We even do dessert ;). Check out the menu: Breakfast Vegan French Toast Vegan Chia Seed crusted cinnamon French toast with caramelised banana, coconut yogurt & caramel […]

Sailing Ios Greece with Kieran Wyse on Merewether.

These days travel is so important to everyone whether they enjoy a relaxing holiday, backpacking on a budget and seeing the world on a guided tour and some people love exploring the world by sailing. Meet Kieran Wyse an Australian enthusiast from New Castle New South Wales, sailing across the Mediterranean on his boat ‘Merewether’. After meeting Kieran for the first time at Harmony I learnt a great deal about his passion and vision for his future. Kieran he has spent […]

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