Are you ready to spice up your wedding celebrations with a dash of fiesta, a sprinkle of beachy vibes, and a whole lot of deliciousness? Look no further than Harmony, our Mexican restaurant/bar with a jaw-dropping view of Mylopotas beach on the stunning Ios island. This little piece of paradise is not just a venue: it’s a celebration of all things fun, flirty, and fabulous.

First things first, let’s talk about the view. Imagine taking pictures with the shimmering sea as your backdrop and the salty breeze gently touching your hair. Sigh, it’s the recipe for the most enchanting wedding photos ever! And let’s not forget, those sea views are perfect for spotting potential cliff-jumping enthusiasts among your guests!

Speaking of guests, Harmony boasts enough free parking space to fit your bridal party. The easiest way to get around the island though is the bus. The bus runs from the port to the village and to  Mylopotas beach, The bus stop at the popular Mylopotas beach is 5 min away by foot and goes by during peak season every 15 minutes.  So, your guests will appreciate the convenience and probably give you extra points.

Harmony goes above and beyond to ensure that every member of the family, young and young at heart, has a memorable and joyous experience. One of the stand-out features of our bar restaurant is our attention to even the tiniest guests. Families can rest knowing that our venue provides comfortable baby chairs and a kid’s menu that allows parents to enjoy their meals without any worries. The spacious layout allows kids to move around freely, while the provided games offer endless amusement. From Jenga and card games to mega blocks and balls the only challenge is convincing the adults to share the fun!

Let’s dive into the ambiance at Harmony – ever dreamed of an open-air boho aesthetic? Well, you’re in luck! Harmony is the ultimate embodiment of laid-back chic. Picture this: beige pillows, inviting hammocks swaying gently in the breeze, and a rustic charm that instantly makes you feel at home. Add in fairy lights twinkling like stars overhead, and you’ve got a decor that practically begs to be Instagrammed! Just a friendly reminder, though: as much as you’ll love our adorable Pampas Grass, please resist the temptation to take it home with you!

And what’s a party without some groovy tunes?

Harmony has got you covered with live music and a DJ set from artists from all over the world to keep you dancing all night long. Get ready to show off your best moves with your partner. It is the perfect way to celebrate love and life with your loved ones.

Now, let’s taco ‘bout the real star of the show- the food! Harmony serves up mouthwatering Mexican delights that will have your taste buds doing the salsa. From sizzling fajitas to zesty guacamole, you and your guests will be in for a culinary treat like no other. Plus, we offer different food and drink packages, so you can customize your menu to match your preferences.

But wait, there’s more – rise and shine with a morning yoga session! Get your zen on and start your big day with some sun salutations and downward dogs. It is the perfect way to calm those pre-wedding jitters!

Oh, and did we mention there’s a breakfast buffet too? That’s right – fuel up for the festivities with a tasty spread of breakfast delights. You will be ready to fiesta from the moment you wake up until late.

Sooooo, here’s where the party gets wild- Mylopotas beach! Not only is it the perfect backdrop, but it is also a playground for water babies and thrill-seekers! Not only can you indulge in delicious treats and dance the night away, but you can also enjoy some water-filled adventures. After the wedding formalities, why not take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of Mylopotas beach?  For the more daring souls, cliff jumping awaits! Just go down the cliff and discover the spot, which is pinned as ‘ Hidden Gem’ on Google.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – if you’re feeling extra playful you can even bring floaties and host your own floating party with your guests. Grab a drink, hop on your ring-shaped floatie, and let the waves carry you away in bliss. Your guests will be raving about it for years to come! Talk about a wedding celebration that’s making waves!

In conclusion, Harmony is not just a bar/restaurant; it is a fiesta wonderland that will make your pre and after-wedding celebration in Ios Island truly unforgettable. From moring yoga to late-night dancing, With its Mexican charm, stunning sea views, friendly staff, live music, and ideal location for fun activities, your special day will be an unforgettable adventure filled with love, laughter, and ofc tacos and margaritas!

Let’s make your dream wedding celebrations come true at Harmony!